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Pigeon Studio is the office of Keefer Dunn and Ferdinand Kuznik. We started Pigeon with the vision of running an architecture office differently - in recognition that the significant aspects of the standard legal and financial structures of the profession that have emerged in the last few decades do little service to us as architects, our clients, or the public at large.  In the course of doing our work, we want to question the dogma of architecture’s business-as-usual to see what’s worth keeping and where we might be able to rethink how architecture happens to everyone’s benefit.

As an office, we offer architectural and creative services (graphic design, aesthetic consultation, marketing and branding materials, etc.) to a wide variety of clients. In contrast to the piecemeal approaches common today, we always aim for design that is synthesized and holistic - no matter the medium.



Suburban Bathroom Refresh

Under Construction (More Images Coming Soon). Fall 2017.

This house just needed a few updates to four restrooms, one bedroom, the kitchen, and landscape to make it ready for the market. Pigeon Studio designed and selected new finishes and fixtures to give the bathrooms a more contemporary look, and made minor tweaks in the other spaces. The project is currently under construction - look for more finished photos soon! 

Seven Modernist Details

Research Project. Book coming Winter 2017.

Architecture is about giving form to values, but that process of form making is circumscribed by legal regulations, contemporary construction methods, and the market of building products. This research projects starts at the level of architectural detail to understand the aesthetic effect of these circumscriptions by imagining how seven famous modernist buildings would look and be built today. A small self-published book with our drawings and reflections on this process will be published Winter 2017.

Howard Street Mixed Use

Hypothetical Project.

This is a project for a hypothetical mixed use development in Chicago's Roger's Park neighborhood. The two boxes of residences and artists studios are positioned to optimize views and environmental performance.

Fillo's Sofrito Beans

Summer 2016 - Present.

In addition to architecture services, Pigeon Studio offers graphics design and creative services. We used our expertise in graphic design to help Fillo's Sofrito Beans craft a graphic identity and brand including packaging design, marketing materials, product displays (including a rolling display crafted from an airplane food cart), and website consultation. To learn more about Fillo's check out their website here

Who We Are


Keefer Dunn

works as a licensed architect and co-founder of Pigeon Studio. Prior to founding Pigeon Studio he worked at the Chicago studio of HDR Inc. where he contributed to projects of a variety of scales and types - most notably acting as project architect on a number of small healthcare clinics throughout Chicago.

teaches as a lecturer at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Previously, Keefer has also taught adjunct professor at Illinois Institute of Technology. He has led courses on alternate historiographies of Mies van der Rohe, and the Mies Crown Hall America's Prize. As an academic he frequently acts as a guest critic and lecturer.

hosts a radio show called "Buildings on Air" on WLPN Lumpen Radio. The show broadcasts on FM radio and as an iTunes podcast. The show primarily covers architecture and politics. Find more about the show here.

advocates for labor reform in architecture and beyond as part of the Architecture Lobby. He started the Chicago chapter of the Lobby in 2014 and presently serves as the group's National Organizer.


Ferdinand Kuznik

Ferdinand Kuznik co-founded Pigeon Studio in 2017. Prior to starting Pigeon Studio, he worked in the architectural studios of Northworks and Valerio Dewalt Train Associates. He is a recipient of a Masters of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Having lived in the Netherlands, England and Switzerland; Ferdinand delivers an international perspective to his design process. Receiving his B.A. in Economics (2004) from Reed College, he went on to work in the financial sector prior to making the transition into architecture. His knowledge of finance and economics allows for a deeper appreciation of client’s goals. The interest of economics and design most clearly manifested in Ferdinand’s partnering with Soffrito Foods LLC.  While at school he was recognized for a variety of projects; most recently being a finalist in the Louis Vuitton SPARK award. Currently he is working on a home remodel in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.





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Keefer Dunn

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