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Firm Profile

Pigeon Studio was founded in 2017 by Ferdinand Kuznik and Keefer Dunn (who has since moved on to pursue other opportunities). We started Pigeon in 2017 with the vision of working in ways that are expansive and inventive and always keep the clients at the center of the process. Our experiences in politics and in economics have given us an understanding of how the standard legal and financial structures that govern our profession don’t always function in the best interest of anyone—not architects, not clients, not the public at large.

So, we always question the “business-as-usual” attitude that can pervade architecture and look for new ways of doing our work. This might mean drawing up a special contract, reviewing zoning, holding collaborative meetings with our clients, or venturing outside the scope of architecture entirely. This way, we make architecture and design work to everyone’s benefit.

Practically, that means that, as an office, we offer architectural services, as well as services that extend beyond the limits of what we might think of as “architecture.” This includes graphic design, aesthetic consultation, marketing and branding, and we work with anyone from individuals to startups. We take into account every detail, from zoning to finishes, order to produce work that is considered and holistic—no matter the medium. 

Who We Are

Ferdinand Kuznik is a designer and partner at Sofrito Foods LLC. Having worked in the financial sector before transitioning to architecture, he holds a deep knowledge of economics and finance that allows for an incisive understanding and capacity to carry out clients’ goals. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Reed College and an M.Arch from Illinois Institute of Technology. His time spent living in the Netherlands, England and Switzerland influence the way he designs, with an eye toward materials and craft.